A Somber Struggle

Winter has set in here in the mountains and I have returned after an almost two month hiatus. We moved from the High Rockies down closer to Denver hoping to gain more job opportunities. And here I sit, still waiting for that opportunity. Well, it’s time to jump back into Mimesis.

I found this beautiful video by Paul Klaver on Vimeo. “Winter” was shot in the Dutch nature preserve, Oostvaardersplassen, during the production of De Nieuwe Wildernis (The New Wilderness). As you can tell by the chilling beauty of the shots, this was one of the coldest winters in Holland. Video was shot on a Canon 5d2 and music is by Hans Zimmer – “Light”. (via Vimeo)

My favorite part of this video is the continual contrast. The sharp contrast of snow and silhouettes, of life and death, of beauty and fear. I’ve watched three times already. I hope you enjoy as much as I do.


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